Dec 7, 2008



Naturally every project owner (client) starts from a different outlook. Some have had vast experience with design and construction and know what they want and how to go about getting it, in the other side many have much less experience. Whatever your situation,

It makes sense to begin with some self-examination to assess what you already khow about your project asnd what you establish with our help. Here in company we aim to provide an individual approach to each client eithrr experience or less experience.

Our Portofolio


With profesional’s staffs in every service, the unique our team has deep expertise in several projects, including private residence, office, villa, sport hall and hotel.Our many repeat clients are often amazed at the rang of benefits we deliver … so much so that they entrust us with more and more responsibility to help them intergrate their brands with their buildings.

Recent Projects

Our designs reflect the uniqueness and vision site constraints and budget requirements of each client. Every design managed to ensure its completion within the time

And cost parameters.

Featured Projects

Experience some of our featured projects to give your more vision about us and incorporate to gave and bring you some new idea in your future project to build your own dream building.

Service and Specialist


The contemporary Balinese Architectural Concept is our based design style. The concept wich we adopted is a dynamic harmonization together with experience creativiry and technical expertise.

Furthermore our service are determined from a total understanding of the contextual demands – the projects site and its surroundings and the client demands – the projects user of buyers – wich are specific to each projects. We provide solution by customize all of our team resources to provide service that ensure project success and satisfication.

Architechtural Services

Conseptual design

Schematic design

Architectural development drawing

Architectural supervision

Civil Service

Structure design

Infra-Structure design

Structural development drawing

Structural supervision

3D Rendering

We recognize that better visualization will add life to the project.

To Our Prospective Client

Thank you for taking your time to review our site. We hop to offer you some new ideas as well as helping you incorporate your own ideas and wishes to your project.

My staff and I will work with you in navigating the complexities of building a structure or renovating an existing structure. From design, cost analysis structure engineering, permits as well the construction phase. Whether a Villa, private home, bungalow or hotel, design and project management is our business.

Homestay an costumersatisfaction are our highes priority! We look forward to working with you in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Made Adiptayasa.